What Smashwebs can do for you:

If you plan on using your website as a marketing tool, it needs to be professionally optimized. Search Engine Optimization is not a buzzword anymore. Smashwebs, Inc can provide your company results. Our method of determining the course of action will not lead you blindly down an expensive path. Smashwebs provides every client with a list of relevant keywords, traffic volume, and an estimate on how much it costs to optimize that site for first page results.


Search Engine Optimization & SEO

  • Evaluate your market to determine the best keywords that fit your budget.
  • Increase traffic to your website by dramatically increasing search engine rankings.
  • Decrease your bounce rate by only optimizing your site for relevant keywords.
  • Increase the number of leads driven from your website.
  • Drastically increase the number of interested visitors to your site.

Every keyword you decide to target needs to be researched, tested, and overhauled. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something that can be completed correctly in a few hours, and stems much deeper than simply optimizing META & Title Tags. Proper SEO techniques require weeks of meticulous content revitalizing, researching, inspecting, and updating. All in all, our services push to get you more website traffic than you could have ever imagined. Best of all, the traffic will also be interested in what they find. It's all about generating leads.

You have a wonderful site, but who can find it?

A wonderful website is nothing without visitors. Smashwebs fully understands not only how to get more visitors to your website, but how to make sure that those visitors are interested in being a customer of yours. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by far the best method of advertising for any business today. After all, when is the last time you picked up a phone book?


Search Engine Optimization is too complex to give an accurate quote online. If you would like to see how much it costs to get your website to the top ranks of Google and Yahoo, simply fill out our No-Obligation form and recieve a quote within just a few minutes from one of our representatives. We are happy to work with any budget.