Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is a method of editing various components of your website, without having to deal with code. Content Management Systems provide a great tool for:

  • Editing the pages on your website.
  • Updating Price Lists.
  • Changes to contact information.
  • Updates about hours or Office Closings.
  • Press Releases or other Company News.
  • Running a regularly updated Company Blog.
  • Refreshing the look and feel of your site.


  • No software required to use.
  • Use anywhere in the world.
  • Easy interface, perfect for experienced or casual users.
  • No code knowledge needed at all.
  • No limits on use.



A Content Management System may be integrated into an existing site, or built into a new one. Smashwebs, Inc offers a fast turn around time on these, and can usually have the entire system set up within 7-10 Business Days.